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Friends Only!
Hello! My name is Mere and I go by the penname of meredavey on most sites. I'm currently twenty years old and am a rising junior at the College of Charleston in the major of History. What do I do in my spare time you ask? Well, I write and I read. I enjoy both of those things immensely, I also tend to addict myself to TV shows on a routine basis. I go through fandoms like dirty laundry - except for one or two. I'm an avid cook so I'm always experimenting with new recipes. I also love to talk with people, I am a people person!

Why have I gone friends only?
I've gone friends only because I've found that if people really want to talk to you and want to make the effort of being friends will generally post a comment and ask to be added. I do enjoy talking so don't fear me! So just comment on this entry! If you're looking for my fanfiction you can find it at eilianmoon, my fiction archive. That is completely unlocked. This is my more mundane day to day journal. But here you get fic updates and snippits of things to come!

In Reference to other sites:
I am on several other sites as well:
(pretty much only Fullmetal Alchemist and other various things I find interesting)
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